7 Boat Party Ideas

Celebrate fun and organize a great party for your family and friends to enjoy. What better way to bring in the fun by hosting an exciting and memorable party on a boat?! Fresh air and beautiful scenery, boat parties are definitely wonderful.

sunset boat party with drinks

So start planning that boat party and send those invites out! There are a lot of fun activities, themes and party ideas you can entertain your guests with. If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas for a smashing boat party everyone will surely love. 

1. Treasure Hunt Party 

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, especially those of the nautical persuasion. The challenge of finding hidden treasures adds excitement and makes for a fun party atmosphere. Plan hidden treasures scavenger hunt style, using landmarks and sights that can be seen from the boat as the “treasures” and provide them with a map and a list of clues to help them search and discover hidden treasures. The thrill and excitement of searching and finding the treasure will make your party amazing and memorable. The winning team would be the one who will find the most treasures.

Finish the game with amazing food and drinks served to your guests. Have some more fun by creating a theme for this party. Nothing beats a treasure hunt party than having a pirate theme. For the clues, you can provide a map and insert it in a bottle for the message in the bottle effect. Make your guests wear eye patches, swords, bandanas, corsets and any pirate themed outfits.

Give out some pirate party hats and loot bags to your guests; have a face painting activity on the boat and decorate the area with pirate design elements. Hang pirate flags from deck rails and ceilings, add a mini treasure chest full of gold chocolate coins on the table centerpiece or buffet table. Add some cloth drapes in black and red, ropes and nets on the rails, skull and crossbones on the walls. 

colcrful masks for the mardi gras party

2. Mardi Gras Party

For a festive and memorable party gathering, a Mardi Gras themed party would definitely be amazing. Have your guests wear Mardi Gras themed colorful outfits with funky colored beads. Play some New Orleans style Mardi Gras music and party through the night.

Style your boat with Mardi Gras themed paper hats, cups, plates and yellow, green, and purple balloons. Hang cloth drapes in green, purple, and gold colors. Add in sequin linens on your dessert table and as a backdrop for that extra dazzle. Add vibrant lighting and peacock feather decorations. Serve Mardi Gras colored cocktails, seafood and jambalayas.

You can even add some enjoyable activities like face painting, tarot card reading, and definitely lots of dancing! 

girls having a blast at a karaoke party

3. Karaoke Party

A karaoke party on a boat is definitely a crowd pleaser. Sing your hearts out with different tunes with a karaoke party.If you do not have a karaoke machine, ask anyone in your entourage you can borrow from. Or you can easily rent a karaoke machine from your local rental store. 

Create a suitable stage and lighting by your karaoke machine. Sing to love songs or dance the night away with upbeat tunes. It will be a night full of fun, energy and laughter. A great theme for this party is a Broadway theme. Hang musical cutouts and decorations all over the boat. Add some Broadway posters, street signs, playbills, red drapes and curtains. 

Give your guests some snacks while waiting for their turn to sing by preparing a traditional red and white popcorn bag filled with delectable snacks, a variety of candies or flavored popcorn. 

4. Casino Night Party

Have a casino night on your boat and organize a poker tournament. Decorate your boat Vegas-style with green felt to cover the table. Scatter chocolate gold coins, decks of cards and several dice on your dessert or buffet table for decoration. Serve lots of bite-sized hors d’oeuvres and keep the cocktails flowing. 

girls watching a movie with a popcorn at a pajama party

5. Pajama Party

For your pajama party, gather all your guests for a movie night. Serve huge bowls of popcorn during the movie. Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere on your boat for all your guests to relax and enjoy the movie. Make your guests vote for a movie to watch beforehand with the most-voted titles to be played at the party.

You can even play board games or charades in between movies for a fun-filled night. A portable movie projector and good speakers are best for that ultimate movie night. Imagine a cozy setting on the boat while watching a movie under the stars. Just be sure to use weights or something heavy to secure the projector in case of a breeze!

6. Boat Race Party

For the boat race party, you can either host a dinghy race or a remote-controlled boat race for your party’s main event. This is a great daytime party activity. Start the party with great music, dancing, refreshments and appetizers for the guests. Once everyone has settled down and the players who will be competing are ready for the game, the main attraction can now begin. Make your guests bring their remote-controlled boats and race them on the water. 

For a dinghy race, ask the participants beforehand to decorate and prepare their dinghy’s and have them bring all necessary safety equipment to the party. Make a layout of the course on the water with balloons or buoy’s. Use a megaphone for the race countdowns and for giving out instructions to the participants. Have a chart to keep track of the participants and the winners. 

A good theme for this party is definitely a nautical theme. Ask your guests to dress up in white, red and navy blue colors. Decorate your boat with nautical themed elements such as anchors, shells, fishing nets, captain’s hat, mini boat and lighthouses. Use nautical signal flag toothpicks for the food and drink garnishes.

chef cooking live in front of the customers

7. Iron Chef Party 

Have your guests bring their best pre-prepared dishes in anonymous packages to conceal the chef’s identity. All the guests can sample the prepared food and rate each one of the dishes in a secret ballot. After the food tasting, the secret ballot will be tallied and whoever has the highest rate, wins the game.

Provide nice prizes for the winners for their culinary efforts and achievement. A luau theme would be great for this party where guests can wear luau themed outfits. Welcome your guests with leis and colorful cocktails with those mini umbrella garnishes. Create some new cocktail concoctions that would be great to pair with the food samples. 


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Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

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11 RV Makeover Ideas

Embark on epic road trips with your family and friends in style. Whether you bought a second hand RV or purchased a brand new one, you can add character and a personal feel to it by giving your RV a makeover. 

Whether you live and travel full-time in your RV, or use it for the weekend and holiday vacations, it is essential to make your space pleasant and welcoming. Create an inviting living space that feels like home. By customizing and renovating to your personal preferences, you can make your RV more like your home on wheels. 

There are a lot of ways you can improve your RV. Pick a design and color scheme that suits you, colors that complement each other, and a layout of the design you want in your RV. 

Planning is important so make sure you’ve researched about different materials and ways to incorporate all the plans and ideas into your renovation project. Here are 11 makeover ideas for your RV to give it a fresh and brand new look. 

wooden floors

1. New Flooring

Get rid of old, tattered, or dull looking flooring on your RV. Replacing your flooring will totally give your RV a new look. 

Laying new flooring is a good foundation on which to start your makeover process. You can choose from vinyl, carpet or laminate flooring for your RV. For a contemporary look, go for wood-like floors.

2. Install New Windows 

If your windows are scratched or stained, now is the time to consider installing new windows. Don’t forget to a add some lovely new curtains or stylish blinds to frame your new, crystal-clear views. 

3. Refurbish Your Walls

You can uplift your space and give your RV a completely new look by upgrading the walls.

Painting your walls in white or light color will make your whole interior brighter and more spacious. You can also choose to use a wallpaper or even install interior paneling. 

RV interior new layout

4. Change Your RV’s Interior Layout

Makeover is all about changes, and modifying your interior layout will give your RV a fresh look. Depending on how you normally use your RV and your personal preference, you can change the whole layout of your space to suit your comfort and needs.

If you’re into eating outdoors and don’t usually use your dinette area, you can turn the space into a home entertainment center by swapping out the table and benches for a comfy couch to lounge on while you watch TV. Or if your RV is a place where you travel and work at the same time, add a workstation that would be multi-functional for working and eating. 

5. Add Appliances 

Traveling in an RV gives you the convenience to travel and feel at home at the same time. Upgrading the refrigerator and adding a washing machine will definitely be convenient for you when you travel long term. 

This will limit your time waiting for your clothes on your laundromat or to buy food and groceries every time you eat. There are various appliances that are suitable for your RV, so make sure to do your research first to find the right appliances that will be a good fit for your particular RV type. 

6. Swap Your Furniture & Fixtures

Replace your old and outdated furniture and fixtures to give your RV a brand new feel. Try replacing wall lighting with some small but stylish scones. For overhead lighting, anything goes as long it can travel well – so if a chandelier is your thing, be sure it’s one you can easily disassemble for travel.

If replacing the built-in furniture in your RV isn’t in the budget right now, consider upgrading your portable furniture. A new folding bistro table and chairs is the perfect pick up for your morning coffee al fresco.

upgraded couch

7. Upgrade Your Couch 

Transform your old couch into a more stylish and modern look by changing your upholstery. Add some fancy looking, decorative throw pillows for a wonderful touch. If you can’t salvage your couch, it might be time for a replacement that’s cozy and comfortable. 

8. Replace Your Beddings 

Discard old and used beddings and replace them with new and improved ones. Layer on some bedspreads and sheets in fun, decorative colors and patterns and add some throw pillows that match your bed. 

9. Remodel Your Kitchen

There are a lot of ways to improve and remodel your galley. Give your kitchen cabinets a brand new look by painting them a new color and installing new cabinet door pulls or knobs. 

Installing a backsplash can polish up your kitchen. Peel-and-stick backsplashes are affordable, easy to install, easy to clean and are RV-friendly. Restore your old kitchen countertop by painting or adding tiles for a clean, refreshed look. 

modern bathroom

10. Modernize Your Bathroom 

If you want to fully do a bathroom makeover, consider upgrading your camper toilet, faucet and shower head. Install a backsplash in your bathroom for added decorative touch (peel-and-stick tiles are perfect for this, too). 

Get creative with your drawers and cabinets in your bathroom by painting them and changing the knobs to something trendy. Small details you can replace in your bathroom for a new look are your soap dispenser or dish and towel bar. 

Replace old towels with new, fluffy towels with a nice color or design. Some small and simple wall decorations can also do the trick and give your lavatory some extra charm. 

11. Decorate and Add a Personal Touch

There are endless possibilities in customizing your RV and giving it a full makeover. It is important to know which designs you want to bring into your space. Here are just a few quick ideas for easy decorations to take your RV interior to the next level.

  • Decorate your space with items you’ve collected throughout your travels. Souvenir items, wall art and photographs can uplift your space and give a personal feel to your RV. 
  • Lightweight photos, sticker decals, wall decor with strips, hooks or adhesive tape is ideal for RV use.
  • Add a rug to make your space more welcoming.
  • Install wall mirrors to make your space seem bigger and roomy. 
  • Enhance and freshen up your RV space with indoor plants. Not only does it improve the air quality inside your RV, but it also livens up and enhances your place. Choose indoor plants and flowers that don’t need a lot of direct sun exposure. (There are laws in some states regarding bringing plants across borders, be sure to check local laws and regulations before traveling with your indoor plants.) 


Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

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7 Boat Makeover Ideas

Sailing with your friends and family with your boat is all fun and enjoyable. But are you tired of your boat’s outdated and boring appearance? It is time to revamp and modernize your boat and personalize it to suit your style. 

sailing boat at sunset

Give your boat a brand new look with these makeover ideas that for sure your family and friends will love. Before starting your boat transformation, there are a few things you need to do first.

First of all, fix any small repairs your boat might need before starting on your makeover project. Next thing to do before you fully renovate your boat and put in some of your design and makeover ideas is to clean your boat thoroughly. A general and deep cleaning of your boat is important. 

This will give you a fresh start and also gives you a general overview of your whole boat. This will make it easier for you to have a better idea what needs revamping and what your makeover plan would be. 

man cleaning his boat

Cleaning Your Boat Before Your Makeover Project

  • Clean your old and used upholstery. To lengthen the life of your upholstery, you can add UV protectant to the seats. 
  • For boats used in saltwater, get rid of salt build-up that damages your boat by using soap and freshwater. 
  • Use boat soaps which are environmentally friendly, as concentrated detergents can damage finishes if left on for too long. Boat soaps lather well and remove corrosion, stains, and dirt.
  • To prevent mildew and mold, your best DIY mildew solution is vinegar. Wipe down cabin liners and any areas you needed to clean. 
  • Use quality wax on your boat when it is completely dried off to make it look shiny and new. Applying wax also helps in preserving and protecting your boat against unwanted elements.  
  • Protect and give proper care to your boat’s wood by varnishing. Wash your wood with a mild detergent and then apply teak oil. 
  • If your boat’s been in storage, clean your carpet and remove any dust and dirt by vacuuming. 

Once you’ve finished with the general cleaning of your boat, it’s time to put together plans and ideas for revamping your boat. Here are 7 makeover ideas you can do to your boat to give it a fresh and new look.

7 Boat Makeover Ideas

well lit yacht parked at the port

1. Install Boat Lights

Illuminate the inside of your boat and add character by installing boat lights. This will make the inside of your boat more lively and bright. 

Add decorative lights around the interior of your boat to illuminate the whole place. LED strip lights or rope lights come in a variety of colors and designs, and work well to lighten things up. 

LED strips are great for illuminating walkways, under the counters and seats or around hatches and panels. Adding some hanging bulbs in the center of your cabin or your galley gives the whole place a charming and cozy feel. 

2. Lively up Your Galley

Give the galley of your boat a fresh look by adding accessories and utensils like colorful dish towels, a wine or spice rack, durable (non-breakable) dishware and glassware in fun designs. 

If you have an old and rusty faucet, replace it with a shiny new pull-down sprayer. Want to take your galley redesign even further? Try renovating your galley with new countertops, freshly painted cupboards and change your cupboard knobs. 

revamp upholstery

3. Revamp Your Upholstery 

Reupholstering your boat can be costly but if you want to do a full makeover, look for a good quality and stylish boat upholsteries. For cockpit cushion fabric or any upholstery in the outside of your boat, it is important to look for a waterproof and UV resistant fabric. 

For cabin upholsteries, comfort and mildew prevention is essential for choosing your cabin fabric. Look for an upholstery fabric that has a synthetic material like acrylic or polyester to prevent mildew growth. 

Do not use cotton fabric as these will eventually corrode. Plastic zippers are crucial to have for your boat since metal zippers will tarnish and rust. 

Pick a nice style and color of the upholstery fabric which will compliment the whole look of your boat. Create a personal feel by adding colorful throw pillows and fuzzy blankets, opt for ones with stylish patterns and designs to compliment your standard upholsteries. 

4. Add a Boat-Friendly Rug 

If your floor looks bare, you can jazz it up just like at home by adding a stylish rug with a slip proof matting underneath. Look for rugs that are non-slip and washable.

5. Decorate Your Walls

If you’re tired of your cabin’s interior walls, you can paint it with a new color that’s more your style and preference. You can also add some wall decorations or accessories like paintings, photographs and souvenirs from your travels. These will look great on your walls and liven up the space. 

Brightening your sailboat interior creates an illusion of more space and makes the place look bigger. Another great idea to make your space look bigger is to add mirrors. 

white curtains of the boat

6. Place Some Curtains

Curtains give privacy and divide up a space inside your cabin. Curtains also add an appeal to your overall interior look. Use a color theme among your curtains, rugs and upholsteries to create a wonderful and pleasing interior design. 

7. Update your bathroom 

Even small upgrades and adding a little decor can refresh your bathroom. If you’re into nautical design, place some nautical inspired accessories on your wall like an anchor towel hook or wall art. Even just changing your basic white towel to a trendy navy blue stripe will add a dashing touch to the overall look of your bathroom. 

Some more ideas for easy bathroom makeovers are adding a nice looking rug, self-adhesive tile backsplash, and themed soap dispenser, tray holder and towel bar. You can also add a stylish and functional small wall unit or shelves where you can store your bathroom accessories. 

table setting in a beautiful yacht

To make your boat look stunning and aesthetically pleasing, incorporate these makeover ideas to brighten your space. Work on a design plan, things you want to add and remove, color themes you want to include to your boat and so on. With all these makeover ideas, your boat will surely feel brand new look fantastic! 

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

15 Businesses You Can Run From An RV

Owning your own business gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your own time and offers a huge opportunity for growth. In today’s world, you can start your own business anywhere you want. You don’t have to be stuck in a formal office setting to earn a stable income.

RV on the highway

With a mobile business, you can work anywhere you want, do whatever you want, and earn as much as you want. Trying your hand at a mobile business is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. 

Running your own business from an RV has many advantages and also makes you geographically independent.

There are so many ways to transform your RV into a fully operational mobile business. So are you ready to become an RV entrepreneur? 

Here, we give you a run-down of different businesses that you can run from an RV to give you some ideas to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey. 

a woman typing on the laptop

1. Blogger

As a blogger, you rely solely on a laptop and a strong internet connection. You can set up your own blog from an RV with just a working laptop and mobile internet connection. 

This gives you also the freedom to go anywhere you want, and gives you tons of new adventures and memories to use as material for your blog posts.

Monetize your blog and use the RV as your very own personal office space. 

a girl taking pictures of garlic, mushroom and berries

2. Photographer

Whether a travel, lifestyle, or events photographer, an RV is very beneficial with traveling to locations you needed to be. The outdoors is your very own studio; get out there and be inspired and motivated. 

Once getting that perfect shot, you can work on it at your very own mobile office back at your RV. Time and money saved. 


3. Videographer

You can store all your camera equipment and gadgets in the RV and get to travel to different locations for your shoots. Being able to edit and work on the videos immediately and meet with your clients anywhere are just a couple of perks of running your videography business from your RV. Mobility is an advantage in this field of work.  

website developer

4. Website Developer

Aside from design and/or programming know-how, an efficient and sturdy laptop and internet connection are all the tools you need to start a web development business. You will need to invest in a mobile WiFi hotspot.

As everything in this business is mobile, you can travel all you want. Work in peace and work wherever you want in an RV. Earning while traveling, who wouldn’t want that? 

used paint brushes

5. Artist

Using an RV as a mobile art studio, you get to make the rules. You can store all your art materials in one tidy place, or leave them our so they’re ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Display your work of art, whether paintings or drawings, to create your own mobile gallery where people from all over the place can view and purchase your art.

Meet new kinds of people, engage with them and share your art in your new career as a mobile artist.


6. Writer

Inspiration is everything for a writer. Whether a poet, a novelist or any kind of writer, words need to be able to flow freely from your mind. 

Having a safe and comfortable space gives you a head start on your story. Design your RV to become your haven of inspiration and imagination, and let the writing flow.

2 girls discussing about their online clothing store

7. Clothing Shop

Alter your RV into a mobile shop and start selling items of clothing to earn a living on the road. A vintage clothing shop or a consignment shop is a good business you can run from an RV.

Being mobile allows you to market your items in different locations and gives you a larger customer base. 

There is also an advantage in selling your items physically as it gives the customer the chance to see the details and quality of the clothes. Of course, a mirror and fitting room is a must! 

craft store

8. Arts and Crafts Shop

Turn your RV into a quirky, artsy, charming space out of which you can sell art and craft supplies. There are plenty of crafty people who never have enough art supplies who would definitely visit a fun mobile shop.

From stationery items to scrapbooking trinkets, paint brushes and DIY sets, most craft supplies are small, making for easy inventory storage. 

handmade jewelries

9. Handmade Jewelry Shop

Sell your handcrafted jewelry and fashion accessories and customize your RV into a mobile jewelry shop. Turn some of the space inside your RV into your workspace, where you can create beautiful handmade accessories.

You can also offer a customizable jewelry making service for customers who want those unique accessories. 

couples order and eat at the food truck

10. Food Truck 

A food truck is a common RV business idea but it never gets old. Who doesn’t want a quick, easy and delicious meal? Tacos, hotdogs, burgers, chicken wings, fries, the list is endless. 

There are a lot of creative ways to get started on your food truck. From menu to design, there’s so many ways to customize your food truck in the way you want. 

coffee shop

11. Coffee Shop

Everyone needs their coffee fix and what better way to get it than from a mobile coffee shop? Busy people on the street on their way to work is a perfect market.

Imagine people walking by your RV which smells of coffee, they would instantly get drawn by its aroma. Add in some pastries and sweets and you’ve got yourself a mobile cafe. 

Thanks to running your coffee business from your RV, you have the added advantage of not just serving people on the street, but being able to bring your coffee business to office buildings and other places of work. You can just go inside and take the group’s order, then make it out in your RV and then deliver the coffees inside.

pile of books

12. Bookstore

Don’t you just love the smell of books? Bookworms, book enthusiasts, and curious learners of all kinds would flock to a mobile bookstore. Tidy up your RV and add some shelves to give these books a home. 

different kinds of fowers

13. Flower & Plant Shop

Display gorgeous and eye-catching vibrant flower of all colors inside and outside of your parked RV to invite shoppers to your store on wheels. You can also offer a quick mobile flower arrangement service for people who want to customize their bouquet. 

Add in some plants for sale for those plant lovers; you can even sell small pots and hanging planters. Merchandise them by displaying around your RV as rustically charming decor. 

the girl is doing his tattoo on his arm

14. Tattoo Shop

A mobile tattoo shop gives you the flexibility to move and to offer your services to different people in different locations. Meet clients easily in your mobile tattoo studio. 

Design the exterior of your RV anyway you like and market your shop through these designs. People will be familiar with your mobile tattoo shop and more clients will come as word spreads. 

antique things for sale

15. Antique Shop

There’s something wonderful about going into an antique shop, with so much history and old stories to each item. Create your own vintage shop and sell these unique items to customers all over the state (or country!).

Vintage aficionados and hobbyists would definitely get lost in this cozy space. Transform your RV into a treasure chest full of wonder and history. 

There are so many different businesses that you can run from an RV. You just need to be imaginative, creative and resourceful. 

As a mobile business, this gives you an advantage to go to places where you needed to be. With all of these mobile business ideas, you can definitely start something up and begin your entrepreneurial journey. 

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

Holiday decorations for your RV

If you’re an RV’er looking for new ideas to decorate your RV for the holidays, then you came to the right place! In this article, we share some tips with you for decorating your recreational vehicle year round.

Why decorate your RV for the holidays? Just like your home, decorating your RV for the holidays adds cheer to your environment and helps elevate the spirit of the season. Here are 20 decorations (and one bonus) that you can buy or DIY for instant holiday cheer.

snowman and santa claus beneath the christmas tree


1. Christmas Card Mailbox

Add some winter festivity and Christmas card storage to your RV with a small mailbox. You can buy a pre-made mailbox from your local craft store or check out online tutorials to craft your own.

2. Cozy Themed Blankets

Spread some cozy blankets in Christmas colors and patterns onto the bed or throw across living area seating. In addition to adding decorative warmth, these blankets are a practical winter addition to your RV during the chilly winter.

3. Get Matching Wrapping Paper

When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree in your RV, try matching your wrapping paper to other decorative elements in your space, such as your seat covers, bedding, throw pillows, etc. When it comes to decorating a smaller space, color cohesion helps tie it all together.

gift boxes red and gold beneath the christmas tree

4. Decorate the Door with a Wreath

Just like your home, don’t forget the finishing touch of a wreath on the door to festively greet guests – and you!

5. Mini Chandelier

Add some holiday glamour with a glittering mini chandelier. Plug-in versions come in a variety of sizes; you can even go for a battery operated version sized for a locker depending on the size of your space.

6. Don’t Forget the Advent Calendar

Consider purchasing a smaller, special version to use just in your RV. Or go for the delicious chocolate-filled option!  

Green hat and gold coins - St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

7. Decorate with Real Shamrocks

In order to be ready in time for St. Patty’s Day, you’ll have to start this one early. Get some small terra cotta pots (even better if you can find vessels that look like little pots o’ gold), and plant some shamrock seeds! If you don’t have enough time before March 17th, you can usually purchase a potted shamrock from your local grocery store at the beginning of March. You can break this up into smaller pots and give some away to friends if you don’t have much table or shelf space to spare.

8. Make a Banner

Embrace your crafty side! Break out the scrapbook paper, quilting scraps, or other crafting supply of your choice, and create a festive St Patrick’s Day banner to hang inside or outside your RV.

9. Drink Coasters

Try your hand at some DIY drink coasters in festive shapes, like shamrocks or coins. You can pick up some cork and felt at your local craft supply store to craft your coasters. These materials are easy to cut and practical as the cork will absorb any condensation from your drink and the felt protects the surface you set it on.

red, blue, pink and green eggs on the grass - Easter day


10. Make an Easter Egg Ledge

In the corner of your recreational vehicle, you can make a shelf on which you can place a few beautiful Easter eggs. This will enhance the interior environment of your RV with a fun Easter vibe. If mounting a shelf isn’t a possibility, try and egg basket hanging from a hook or resting on your table instead.

11. Craft an Egg Wreath

Here you can engage yourself with some craftwork by turning the eggs into a beautiful Easter door decorator. Patterned and sparkling paper can help enhance and fill in any sparse areas on your wreath.

12. Easter Flower Vase

Flowers look nice in any space, and your RV is no exception. A vase of fresh flowers will brighten up the mood of the entire place. Fresh flowers are a quick and easy spring decor item, but you can also make your own artificial flowers from whatever material you like best.  If you have kids, this is a great way to get them involved in the Easter decoration process.

13. DIY Some Ombre Candles

Plenty of YouTube DIYs abound for creative making and decorating with candles – just search “DIY ombre candles”.

red, blue and white paper plates, forks, straws - 4th of July

Fourth of July

14. Red, White, and Blue Everywhere

The Fourth of July is an easy decorating holiday – as long as it’s red, white, or blue anything goes! You can start with cutting out red, white, and blue stars from scrapbook or construction paper and use ribbon to hang them from the ceiling, headrests, or anywhere you like.

15. LED Paper lanterns

Don’t let the party stop just because the sun’s going down. Buy some festive paper lanterns to hang outside your RV.

16. LED lights

Apart from the LED paper lanterns, you can simply buy red, white and blue star lights to add more festive feels to your RV for the month of July and beyond.

turkey and pumpkin soup with sunflowers decoration - Thanksgiving


17. DIY pumpkin candles

This DIY makes use of the tiny pumpkins you can usually get for less than $1 a piece at your local grocery store around Halloween time. Simply cut out the center of the pumpkin, making the hole large enough to accommodate a standard taper candle.Group together in the center of your Thanksgiving table for maximum effect.

18. Thanksgiving Artwork

If you love calligraphy, find a couple of your favorite gratitude quotes and handwrite (or print) them on nice cardstock and place in dollar store frames for a quick and easy Thanksgiving RV decoration.

19. Corn Husk Centerpiece

Next time you have some corn on the cob, save the husks and let them dry in the sun. Cut the dried husks into long, thin strips and paint or add glitter if you desire, then bundle the strips together and tie with some twine or seasonal ribbon.

20. Pumpkins and Flowers

Buy some of the tiniest pumpkins you can find and stick them on top of wooden skewers or think dowels. Pick up a harvest bouquet from your local florist or grocery store and insert your pumpkin skewers throughout.

BONUS: Pumpkin menu

This would be something different for your guests. All you need to do is take a pumpkin, write the menu on it and place on the table. By doing this, you can fill out empty spaces on your table if you need to.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

9 Tips to Prepare a Thanksgiving Feast in Your RV or Trailer

Have you decided to spend Thanksgiving Day in your RV or 5th wheel? Thanksgiving is one of the most iconic holidays in the US, and more and more people are celebrating it away from their homes. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is held on the fourth Thursday every November, which is a great time to unwind and go on a road trip with your family.

If you are used to living in a trailer, preparing a lavish dinner should be a piece of cake, especially after you read these tips. However, you may encounter some problems if you are a stranger when it comes to cooking outside of your kitchen. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from making a fantastic Thanksgiving feast by using these simple tips.

Thanksgiving meal

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important things if you want your Thanksgiving feast to look good and taste good. Make sure that you have everything before you start cooking because additional trips to the store seem like a waste of time, and they usually are.

One of the easiest ways to keep track of everything that you want to prepare is to make a list and stick to it. Start buying the ingredients before you go on the trip because you may not be able to find something on the day of your trip or while you’re on the road. However, pay attention to the expiration date of the products, and keep everything fresh. 

2. Time Management is Key

Preparing a meal in your RV or trailer can take a bit more time than it would in your kitchen. It’s not a bad idea to start earlier than you normally would since working in any kitchen that’s not your own can always throw some surprises your way.

If you are cooking a dinner for a large number of people, make sure that you have enough time to do everything within the constraints of the size of your kitchen. Also, you could prepare some of the ingredients for the meal in advance, so you can save time on Thanksgiving Day to spend with your family. 

dining space inside the trailer

3. Space Management

RVs and camper trailers are becoming more and more popular these days, and their size is increasing as well. However, if you are not fortunate enough to have a huge kitchen in your home on wheels, you have to learn to operate in a smaller area. Most mobile homes have cabinets and drawers that you can use while preparing your dinner; dishes that don’t need to be refrigerated can be put away once plated to give you enough space while preparing the rest of the meal.

Depending on the weather and temperature in the area your RV is parked, you can also save some space by storing some items outside until they are needed. Just make sure that everything is safe from insects and other unwanted guests. 

cooking utensile

4. Check Your Equipment

Ingredients are not the only thing that you should pay attention to before you start cooking a Thanksgiving feast in your RV. Not having essential equipment can also be frustrating. If you don’t already keep a set of basic cooking and baking implements in your RV, raid your supplies at home well ahead of the holiday so that you don’t forget

  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups & spoons
  • Baking sheet(s) & pie dish
  • Pots & pans
  • Utensils – spatulas, rubber scrapers, ladles, tongs, etc.
  • Serving vessels
  • Dishes, glassware, & silverware
  • Storage containers or Ziploc bags for leftovers

And don’t forget those Turkey Day specific necessities: turkey baster, carving knife, and gravy boat!

5. Clean the Kitchen

Not only will you save time if you immediately clean the kitchen after you are done working, but you will also have more space. Multitasking can be tricky, but cleaning up as you go (or enlisting a family member to do it for you) will make small kitchen cooking easier. Having a helper wash any dishes as you go will also make a big difference in saving space while working and reducing clean up time later.

table setting

6. Set the Table While Cooking

As with holiday meals made at home, you may not be able to prepare everything right on the time you had planned. A well-set table can save you a lot of time if you do it while preparing the feast. Setting the table before you start prepping the meal may not be the best tactic, because an empty table can serve as an additional prepping area.

Again, as with tip 5, enlisting a helper to start setting the table as you are starting to work on the last dish is ideal. This way you can have as much space as you need to make the meal, and if things don’t go quite as planned no one is standing around a set table watching and waiting for you to finish cooking.

couples preparing the meal

7. Involve Others

Most RVs and pull-behind trailers are built to be comfortable for the whole family. If you have enough space in yours, you should involve more people in the whole Thanksgiving Day meal process. Every person can participate by helping out, and that should ease some of the stress of preparing large quantities of food that falls on one or two people. 

If your RV isn’t big enough to host more than a couple of people in the kitchen, you can bring along a folding table to create a makeshift prep station outside the RV. People bumping into each other all the time can get frustrating, so this is a great solution to effectively double your kitchen space and keep your helpers happy.

cooking outside the trailer

8. Cook Outside

Many RVs and trailers come with outdoor equipment, and preparing some dishes outside of your trailer can bypass many problems. Aside from the already mentioned additional elbow-room you’ll gain, cooking outside will also help ease the temperature increase you’re sure to experiencing when preparing hot food in a small space.

Thanksgiving feast

9. Simple Meals Can Be the Best Meals

Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and people all around the country travel back to their homes to spend the day with their family. Complex dishes are usually time-consuming, and making them in your RV or trailer can pose some stressful challenges. 

If you plan on celebrating the holiday in your RV or trailer, you could serve some simple dishes and still have a great feast. Simple meals can still be delicious, and there are thousands of recipes online that you can copy. That way, you will have a fantastic meal, and more time with your family. 

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

7 Tips to Properly Winterize Your RV

Winterizing your RV will not only save you a couple of bucks but will also introduce you to the whole water supply and drainage system in your second home. So next time if you occur a problem with your RV, you could even fix it by yourself.

While the plumbing system is the main concern when it comes to winterizing, you’ll need to take care of the interior and exterior as well. Since an RV is not only a vehicle but also a home, the winterizing checklist may be slightly bigger than what you’re used to with your daily driver.

It may seem difficult if you’re winterizing your RV for the first time, but don’t get discouraged. By following these winterizing tips, you’ll be sure to prepare your home on wheels for harsh winter months.

white and orange RV

1. Drain the tanks

The first and foremost step to properly winterize your RV is draining all that water from tanks, faucets, and valves. You know what happens when the temperature goes under 32 degrees. Frozen water in pipes and tanks could easily damage and break your entire water supply and drainage system.

Start with draining the master RV hose. After the master, empty the fresh water drain. This one could be located on the base of the tank below the passenger’s door. Make sure to check the owner’s manual since every model and year has different drain locations.

After draining the holding tanks and fresh tanks, the third step is draining the water heater. Once you find it, remove the cover of the water heater and release the pressure in the tank by pulling the pressure relief valve.

On the base, you’ll find the drain or the anode rod. You’ll need a wrench to open it and release all the water from the tank. Don’t worry if there’s some white sediment in the water. That is normal because of calcium and other minerals found in hard water.

RV on the road with snow

2. Use air pressure to remove the remaining water from the tank

Connect the pressure regulator to the city hookup. It’s important not to exceed 40 PSI since it can damage the system.

Connect it for the first time to drain all the remaining water from the water heater. Make sure the water heater (anode rod) is open at this point.

Now you can release it and continue onto the next step. However, make sure to leave everything as is. You’ll need to repeat this process in the fourth step.

RV in the forest during winter

3. Bypass the water heater

This step is essential for both draining water and introducing the antifreeze. If you skip this step, you would waste as much as five times more antifreeze liquid.

On some newer RVs, this process is as simple as turning the valve to “bypass.” If you don’t have this labeled, you’ll need to figure out where the valve is located. The manual for your particular model will help you with this since valves do vary.

The bypass valve is usually located in the middle – between the hot and cold water valve. First, you need to close both, hot and cold water inlet. The valves are open when they are inline with the hose.

Next, open the bypass loop which will allow the air pressure and water to bypass the tank so you could blow the rest of the system without losing air through a big water heater tank.

It is the same with pouring antifreeze – like this you will bypass the (empty) water heater tank and preserve the remaining system.

RV on the road

4. Remove water from pipes and faucets with air pressure

Reapply the air pressure in the water system as in step 2.

Now go to every faucet in the RV and open both, hot and cold water to drain all remaining water. Make sure to blow everything where you have water – bathroom and kitchen faucet, toilet flush, outside shower, etc.

One more time, don’t forget to use a regulator to limit the pressure to 40 PSI maximum.

RV on the road

5. Introduce antifreeze through the water pump

There are two options for this. First is to install a converter kit into a water pump and run the antifreeze that way.

The other, and probably the easier method is to remove the inlet hose from the water pump and attach one end of an extra hose to the pump and put the other end inside of the antifreeze container. You can identify the inlet hose by the white strainer – there is always one at the end.

This way, you’re not putting large amounts of antifreeze into a freshwater tank. More importantly, you’re not left with the antifreeze smell and taste once you refill the tank with fresh water.

If you keep antifreeze inside of freshwater tank during the winter, you will need months to get rid of it. By the time fresh water is fresh again, it will already be time to do another winterization.

Once the hose is inside of the antifreeze container, turn on the water pump and open all faucets (hot and cold water) until you see the colored water (antifreeze) running through the system.

inside of an RV

6. Inspect and clean interior and exterior

Once you finish the hard part regarding the water system, it’s time for less thinking and more working. This one should not differ from any general maintenance you’ve done by far, except removing all unnecessary things.

Everything that’s not an essential part of your RV should be taken elsewhere. Empty all your drawers, remove the bedsheet, blankets, mattresses, and towels. If going into storage at an RV storage facility make sure to remove anything valuable such as TV, gadgets, players, tools, etc

Don’t forget to unplug all electronic devices, chargers, and defrost your fridge and/or freezer.

interior of RV

Once your RV is nice and neat, it’s time for general cleaning. Use this thorough cleaning time to make the general inspection. Check if everything looks and feels how it’s supposed to be.

Once you removed all unnecessary things from the inside, you have the opportunity to see some “hidden” parts you didn’t notice during the summer months.

If there is any kind of problem with drainage and water system, make sure to fix it before the winterization.

The end of the season may not be the best time to conduct big maintenance, however, if you want to properly preserve your RV, water supply and drainage system needs to be at least in working condition.

RVs parked

7. Find a decent place for your RV to hibernate

Keeping your RV safe and sound inside of a garage in your house would be the best-case scenario. However, because of its dimensions, this is often an impossible scenario.

Another, not so bad option is to store it in your backyard, ideally on a tented place. Otherwise, consult an RV cover manufacturer and find the best fabric specially made for your specific winter conditions. They will be happy to guide you to the whole process and suggest the best solution for your climate.

Putting your RV on a storage lot is the most common solution. Space will not be an issue as it is designed to accommodate these types of vehicles.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a place to store your RV, ATV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

9 Tips to Protect Your Motorcycle During Storage

Whether you plan to travel long term, need a garage alternative, or are you’re getting ready for winter, there are a lot of different reasons to store your motorcycle. Proper motorcycle storage is essential for maximum protection from the elements. It avoids rust, dirt buildup, and outside elements that can harm your motorcycle. 

During the times when you won’t be able to ride, it’s best to keep your motorcycle in a good storage environment. It’s important to keep it in good condition during storage so that it’ll be in tip-top shape when you’re ready to ride again.

girl riding a motorcycle with helmet

 A self-storage unit is the perfect place to store your motorcycle whether short or long term. Self-storage gives you peace of mind knowing that your motorcycle is in a good place. When it comes to storing your motorcycle, storage facilities offer a variety of amenities to keep your motorcycle in good condition all year round. 

No matter where you store your bike, there are some pre-storage preparations that you have to do first. It is necessary to check on a few maintenance items before putting your bike away. Read along for tips on how to protect and keep your motorcycle in great shape during storage. 

man opening the gate of the  motorcycle storage unit

1. Consider Your Motorcycle’s Storage Needs

To store your motorcycle properly you’ll want to find the right space to fit your bike. You also have to think about other accessories you wanted to store with it like a helmet and gear, or tools and supplies. 

What kind of motorcycle will you be storing – a big comfy cruiser or a pit bikes? Would it just be one or two motorcycles?

If you do decide a storage unit is the best place to store your bike, here’s a few tips to help you find the right storage facility:

Find a facility that will make it easy to access your motorcycle as often as you need to.

If you’re planning to access your motorcycle often, find a self-storage facility near your home. This is especially important if you need a garage alternative and plan to take your bike out regularly. Of course, if you need to store your motorcycle long term, you may be able to shop for a storage facility based on other factors such as cost rather than proximity.

2 motorcycles parked outside the building

Find a facility that allows motorcycle storage.

Not all storage facilities allow the storage of vehicles or items with engines. When calling facilities nearby, be sure to ask if motorcycle storage is allowed. If so, talk to the manager about their facility’s requirements for storing items with engines. Some facilities may require that all fluids be drained from any engines in storage, which is definitely an important consideration when it comes to storing your motorcycle

To make your search for a facility to store your motorcycle easier, look for a boat and RV storage facility. At Pro RV & Boat Storage, we’ve got plenty of great storage options for your motorcycle, both indoors and out.

Indoor Storage Facilities vs Outdoor Storage Facilities

An indoor storage facility provides your motorcycle with protection from outside elements like rain, snow and direct sunlight. A climate controlled unit can provide consistent temperature and humidity.

Outdoor storage is very convenient and spacious. It gives you easier access if you’ll be using your motorcycle very often. If you live in an area where there is little rain and no winter, then outdoor storage should be just fine for your bike.

black and gray motorcycle

2. Elevate the Motorcycle

The optimal solution to storing a motorcycle is to elevate it. Take as much weight as possible off your tires and suspension. Tires lose air pressure over a long period of time; this can cause permanent damage to your tires and suspension if left flat for too long. 

So if you’re planning to store your bike long term, a month or more, it’s important to create the right foundation for it. A center-stand is great for elevating your motorcycle so if you have one, use it. You can also use a service stand, a cradle, or even create your own foundation for the bike. 

If you can’t find any tool to be able to elevate your motorcycle, another option is to inflate the tires to its fullest. Move your bike from time to time or once a month to avoid flat spotting.

motorcycle with a cover

3. Add a Cover for Protection

Even if you’re already storing your motorcycle in an enclosed storage unit, it doesn’t hurt to cover it. A properly fitted motorcycle cover provides indoor protection. It protects your bike from dust and moisture and can help prevent corrosion and rust. 

4. Clean and Wax

It’s important to clean your motorcycle thoroughly before putting it in storage. Remove dirt buildup and let it dry up completely, making sure to get all the moisture off. 

For further protection, you can wax and treat the paint. You can also treat your leather seats and other leather items before storing. 

motorcycle battery

5. Tend to the Battery

Double check the battery before storing your motorcycle. You can leave the battery on your motorcycle but you might want to connect it to a battery tender. The battery tender keeps it charged without damaging your battery. It charges automatically, making sure that your battery isn’t overcharged or doesn’t lose power. 

Another option, preferably if you’re planning to store your motorcycle long term, is to remove the battery. Properly store the battery indoors, keeping it in a dry, warm place, and connect it to a maintenance charger. 

6. Change Engine Oil

Make sure to change your engine oil before storing your motorcycle, whether short or long term. Remove dirty oil and harmful carbon deposits. Engine oil is the prime lubrication for your engine so make sure to top it up to the maximum requir

7. Wax and Lubricate Chains

Lubricate all moving parts on your motorcycle to keep them from rusting while in storage. Clean the chain and brakes first then wax and lubricate

8. Replace All Fluids

Check and replace all fluids such as oil, clutch, break, coolant, of your motorcycle. These will keep your fluids fresh. Used oil contains contaminants from regular use and can become corrosive over time.

filing up the motorcycle gas tank

9. Fill up Your Tank

Fill up your tank and treat your fuel by using a fuel stabilizer, which prevents gas from deteriorating and causing corrosion in the gas tank. Run your motorcycle for a few minutes after filling it with gas and fuel stabilizer to help the fuel stabilizer to run through the entire fuel system

It’s important to make sure that your motorcycle is in good shape all year round even when you’re not using it. We hope you find these tips helpful to protect your motorcycle while in storage until the time comes to ride again.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

15 Tips & Hacks to Organize Your RV

Living in an RV comes with its perks. You get to carry your home with you wherever you go. Plus, who doesn’t like living in a cute little house on wheels? 

However, you can’t ignore the fact that space is a big problem in RVs. If you’re not organized, your living space can end up looking like a huge mess. 

Below, we’ll list a few tips and tricks that can help you a great deal in saving space and organizing all your stuff. So, if you want to avoid that dreadful RV clutter, read on! 

Try an Over-The-Cabinet-Door Trash Can 

RVs are already short on space, and with things like trash cans out in the open that easily topple over, it can get very frustrating. For this reason, you might want to get some nifty over-the-cabinet-door trash cans to keep your RV floor clear and feeling spacious. 

Open the cabinet when you want to dispose of something, and shut it when you’re done. No smell, no garbage in sight. 

And an Under-The-Cabinet Spice Rack 

If you cook often, you’d know that keeping spices organized in cabinets can be difficult. Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s also hard to search for spices when they’re lined up in rows inside. 

An under-the-cabinet spice rack can solve this problem and also save space. All you have to do is pull the rack down and find everything in its designated spot. 

Utilize a Supply Organizer 

Almost everyone keeps their stuff in cabinets and drawers in their RV. But here’s a cool hack: keep things extra organized and safely stored in a divided craft supply or nuts & bolts organizer.

You can use this to store makeup, jewelry, pills, or anything that fits inside. Plus, it prevents the items from moving around too much while on the go. 

Shoe Organizers Aren’t Just for Shoes 

If you don’t have a shoe rack in your RV, a shoe organizer will save you a ton of space and money. Hang it over a closet door and store a dozen pairs of shoes with ease. 

You can also use this to store small items like stationery, hair clips, skincare – whatever fits.

Get Some Baskets for the Cabinets 

Since space is tight, cabinets are pretty much the only place to store items in RVs. But looking for things at the back can be a headache, especially if you’re short or the cabinets are too high. 

An easy fix is keeping stuff in baskets inside the cabinets. Just pull the basket out, and you can quickly find everything from the front to back. Plus, this can also keep things from toppling over when moving. 

Improvise Some Bedside Storage 

The lack of a bedside table can leave you fumbling around for your glasses or phone every morning. If that’s the case with you, a bedside caddy that hangs from under a mattress is what you need. It’s a super-efficient way to keep items such as phones, tablets, diaries, etc. in order and close at hand.

Utilize your Oven! 

Pans can prove to be a space-wasting clutter, and storing them in cabinets is awkward. Hence, utilize the space inside your oven to store pans and pots when you’re not baking. 

Bonus hack: use a pan organizer inside the oven to keep them neatly stacked and prevent them from moving around. 

Add a Countertop Storage Shelf 

It can get messy while cooking, especially in an RV kitchen. To help keep everything in order, get a countertop storage shelf that adds storage space and gives you easy access to spices and utensils you use frequently. 

One Word: Hooks 

Get yourself loads of hooks as they can prove to be your ultimate organizing and storage hack. 

By installing hooks under cabinets, you can hang spoons, ladles, pans, and other utensils that you use while cooking. 

You can also add hooks inside cabinets and closet doors to organize things like scarves, necklaces, or anything that can be hanged. 

Use Baskets Under Furniture 

Another quick and easy way to keep your space tidy is placing stuff in a basket and storing it under the sofa or table – out of sight and neatly stored. Also, if you care about aesthetics, try woven baskets. 

Try a Corner Wall-Mounted Basket 

Most RVs have tiny bathrooms, and keeping track of things here can be hard. To help keep stuff like haircare and skincare in order, you can try installing corner baskets to store such items neatly. 

You can also buy baskets that come with suction cups. That way, you won’t need to drill any holes if the surface is smooth.

Install Some Wall Netting

You may end up with items like a beachball that won’t fit anywhere. Leaving such stuff lying on the floor can be really annoying – it will get in your way all the time. 

So, go ahead and install some wall netting for storing sports items or other awkward objects (make sure you don’t place heavy things inside it.)

Put Up Some Hanging Baskets 

Cabinets and drawers are great and all, but where do you store fruits and veggies? On the countertop? Or the fridge that’s already full? 

Answer: a hanging basket! It can come in super handy for fruits and veggies that last long. If possible, get one with multiple layers so you can store different items in their designated baskets. 

Under-The-Table Storage  

If you don’t want to keep anything on the tabletop, there are tons of ways to add storage under the table. While slide-out drawers are the easiest to use, they’re harder to install. 

So if that doesn’t float your boat, you can DIY an under-the-table net to store light to medium-weight items, such as magazines, snacks, etc. However, if you are short on time, you can buy a ready-made storage net for your table. 

Stick It with Velcro 

Not everyone has a table in their RV’s lounge. If that’s the case with you, we bet you’re tired of your remote control getting lost in the sofa cushions. 

One easy way to keep your remote control in place is to attach some Velcro on its back and also at a suitable place on a wall. Whenever you’re done watching TV, you can hang your remote on the wall, and never lose it again. 

Final Words 

Stepping into an RV that’s overstuffed and a cluttered mess can make you homesick. To keep your belongings assembled, go ahead and try these tips and tricks, and make your RV tidy and spacious-looking. 

The best part? With these hacks, you won’t have to build anything or renovate your RV. All you’ll have to do is spend a few bucks and invest some time installing these items. After that, it’s all smooth and tidy. 

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

If you’re looking for a Storage Facility to securely store your ATV, RV, or Boat, Pro RV & Boat Storage has got you covered! Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide selection of parking units to accommodate your needs. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at https://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

7 Tips to Choose and Install Solar Panels On Your RV

As fun as traveling is, when it comes to RVing, you can experience a whole new freedom and fun. What’s better than having a home on wheels? Wherever you wanderlust may take you, you can return to your mobile comfort zone every night. Not only do you drive to picturesque locales, check-in the famous restaurants, experience different cultures, but you’re doing it your way and at your convenience.

What if your tech gadgets run out of charge while you’re docked? Or, you’re staying overnight at a place with no hookups and generators anywhere in sight?In such circumstances, solar panels are indispensable.

Installing solar panels on your RVs is not as simple as it sounds, requires a lot of aspects to consider, and you definitely can’t take this decision arbitrarily. We’ve come up with 7 tips to choose and install solar panels on your RV, so this renewable energy source keeps you juiced on the road.

Streamline Your Requirements

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves boondocking? Then there is a strong chance you’ll use your solar panels to their full potential.  However, if you occasionally travel after months for a vacation, you may want to rethink buying solar panels. Do you want to invest a hefty amount on solar panels when you don’t go out with your RV that much?

An essential aspect to consider is the time when there’s no sunlight. On cloudy or rainy days, you will inevitably rely on the generator or finding a place with an electric hookup. This is also where you’ll want to charge the solar batteries.

Go for RV Solar Power System

Solar power systems on RVs consist of solar panels, batteries, along with charging and monitoring devices. If you choose to get your solar power system installed by a professional, make sure to ask probing questions. If you opt for the do-it-yourself experience, here is some necessary information to start with.

  • You can get a starter kit of 400Wh (Watt hours), which is sufficient for a standard RV. It comprises four solar panels along with wiring and an attached regulator or controller.
  • In addition, you also need to get batteries, a battery monitor, and an inverter. The inverter converts the DC power stored in the cells into AC power.
  • The more solar panels and batteries you have, the more power you can produce and store to run appliances.

Know Your Budget

Ideally, a solar system of 400Wh can generate 2,000 watts, after 5 hours in bright sunlight. However, neither all days are preferably sunny, nor all systems are 100% efficient. So, the readings are theoretical. Initial setup requires an investment of $3,500-4,000, but it’s sufficient to power all the appliances in your RV, excluding the refrigerator.

An additional cost you may incur, $800-1,200, would be if you plan to run your refrigerator all day long exclusively on solar power. There are no ongoing maintenance charges afterward unless you change or upgrade a part.

If you’re a regular RV traveler, you may break even on your investment in about 2-3 years. After that, it’s all net positive.

Figure Out the Expected Usage

While RVing, you need to figure out if you want to use solar energy to run your LEDs, charge your phones, other gadgets, or there is more. If you plan on using LED TVs and refrigerators on your solar energy, you may want to invest in more solar panels, maybe double than the initial estimate.

Some people want to run air conditioners on solar energy as well. It is somewhat impractical, as the RV will simply run out of space to accommodate a large number of solar panels. However, you may hook up a trailer along with the motorhome to hold additional solar panels. You may also want to invest in solar batteries. What’s the point of producing excess solar power when you can’t store it for night time or cloudy days?

Buy the Right Battery

Batteries carry great importance in the solar panel system. When the weather is not favorable or during night time, a battery can ensure solar power supply.

Typically, an RV has a 12V battery. However, it may not be enough if you want to run most of your appliances on solar energy. The power you’re generating from the solar panels will decide how many cells you need.

Three battery technologies are available in the market. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Lead-acid Battery

It’s a deep-charge battery, readily available everywhere. The technology is reliable, and the battery is inexpensive. However, it requires periodic maintenance.

Drainage to less than fifty percent shortens its lifespan. Moreover, spilled battery acid is hazardous, so you need to handle it carefully.

AGM Battery

Its technology is somewhat similar to a lead-acid battery. However, it includes a thin fiberglass mat saturated with battery acid between the plates. Thus, the internal components are tightly packed and pill-proof. The battery is highly robust, charges four times faster than the lead-acid battery, and requires no maintenance. It’s considerably more expensive than those mentioned above as well.

Lithium-ion Battery

It works on an entirely different principle. Performs much better than the previous two types, even though it weighs less than half of the similar capacity batteries aforementioned. The battery requires no maintenance and charges four times faster as well.

How to Decide Which Battery to Choose?

This decision depends on your budget and preference. Some people choose to invest in cheaper options and then change the batteries every two years. You can also buy an expensive battery and enjoy the quality performance with no maintenance for about eight to ten years.

Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Solar Panels

If you want your solar panels to last long, you should consider their quality and durability. The best thing to do is invest in robust and corrosion-proof aluminum frames and legs. Choose durable and long-lasting latches, which have these capabilities and qualities:

  • endure the wear and tear during the time they’re packed away.
  • are easy to set up.
  • can take the jerks and bumps on the road.

Moreover, the solar panel should be waterproof. Choose the ones that come with a dust proof cover and handles to ensure maximum maintenance and protection. Last but not least, make sure the solar panels and charge controllers come with warranties.

Buy Reputable Solar Panel Brands

There are a number of brands in the solar panel space. Here are some of them.

  • HQST
  • Renogy
  • Newpowa
  • Go Power
  • WindyNation

It’s better to go with trusted brands, especially if you are not familiar with solar panels. Read reviews online and speak to qualified sales reps. If your friends and family have experience of installing solar panels, you can take recommendations from them as well for a smoother experience.  

Wrap Up

If you take regular trips on your RV, a solar panel system is the right option to go for. We’ve discussed some of the essential pointers while choosing and installing solar panels on RVs. In short, don’t follow the crowd and choose the system that best meets your needs. Analyze your load, usage, and other requirements, and then make a decision. 

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