Just like any other machine with an electrical motor, an RV can also be affected by the rays coming from the sun. It’s not just the exterior but also the interior that may be damaged while the beaming sun sizzles everything in sight. RVs are not designed in such a way that they can absorb heat. The sun can prematurely age the paint, tires and all the other features that look extremely beautiful when you bought it. It’s not just our skin that gets affected by the ultraviolet rays but also the RVs.

During these bright sunny days, the UV rays coming from the sun are at their strongest and the exterior of your RV will feel the brunt. Here are some practical ways that would not cost an arm and leg and at the same time protect your RV from the sunlight.

1. Get the RVs windows tinted

If you don’t want to use the cover, here’s a solution: Consider window tint. These days, nanotechnology is being used in tints and is comprised of thin layers. They can block almost up to 99% of harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Another advantage that you could get by getting your windows tinted is that it will protect an individual’s eyes while driving. But with the advantages come the disadvantages. The disadvantage of getting your window tinted is that it will be difficult for the person who is driving during rainy days and challenging to see the surrounding objects in low-light environments.

2. Wash and dry the exterior periodically

If your RV is parked under the sun for a longer period, then it will be making its surface dull and the paint will start to fade. By washing the vehicle now and then, you can get rid of the dust particles sticking onto the surface. Just like humans require water to keep ourselves hydrated during the hot summer days, in the same manner, our vehicle also requires daily water in the form of cleaning especially in the hot summer days. In a way, it keeps them hydrated and slows down the ageing of their engine.

There are a few steps that need to be followed in order. The first and foremost step is to wipe away the accumulated dust. This can be done either with a dry cloth or else with some water. The next step would be to bath your recreational vehicle and while doing this, an automotive cleaner can be used.

Another reason as to why you should wash your vehicle thoroughly is that it reduces the oxidization and heat coming from the sun. If you will follow this after an interval of the time then you would be successful in protecting your vehicles from the sun’s rays.

It is suggested not to wash your vehicles in direct sunlight. Some argue that it’s awful for the vehicle’s finish while others believe that it will make the job harder. There is a simple reason behind it. The sunlight will allow the water and cleaner to dry up quickly leaving behind spots of water.

3. Make use of sun protecting windshields

If you find the option of getting your RV’s window tinted a bit steep then you could go with the option of purchasing windshields that could protect your RV from the UV rays. The difference between the prices of both options is quite evident. Apart from this, if you’re using a sunshade, it’s always a better idea to cover the steering wheel with a towel. This will assist with keeping the contact temperature of your steering wheel down. Another thing that you could do is keep the windows of the RV slightly open. Even a little crack will elevate ventilation and help to keep your vehicle cool.

4. Monitor and adjust tire pressure

Exposure to the sun for an extended period can not only oxidize the coating done on the exterior of your vehicle but also affects the tires. It is suggested to have your tires checked before summer shows up and afterwards catch up with monthly inspection throughout the summer days. This will assist you with forestalling abrupt setbacks and mishaps.

5. Reflectorized sun panel

A reflectorized sun panel will help in absorbing 96% of the sunlight regardless of whatsoever is the position of the sun in the sky. It is a proven fact that this sun panel can absorb every single proton of light. This panel is made up of seven layers and each layer is 50 to 100 nanometers thick and because of which the panel can absorb sunlight.

6. Wax your RV or motorhome

Just like human needs sun scream to protect their skin from the UV rays, in the same manner, your recreational vehicle needs wax. It is a proven fact that the rays coming from the sun can affect the human skin and various motor vehicles negatively. Various types of wax are available in the market and it’s very much important for you to understand which one out of these will give maximum protection to your vehicle.

Cleaner waxes– these waxes contain natural wax ,including carnauba wax. It cleans and polishes in just one step.

Finishing sealant– this wax is mainly made up of synthetic materials and apart from protecting the car, this gives the car excellent finishing.

Finishing wax– As the name suggests, this is made up of natural wax and is more often used by people to give their vehicles a great finish but it does not clean the surface of the vehicle.

Hybrids– this wax is a mixture of synthetic and natural wax and it helps in polishing and cleaning altogether.

Paint sealant– This wax is completely made up of man-made and synthetic material

Natural wax– This is a kind of wax which is made up of natural material

Cleaner sealant– this wax is completely made up of synthetic materials and helps in polishing, cleaning and protecting altogether

7. Apply conditioners to protect your leather seats

Just like a human skin needs extra care so that we could protect ourselves with the UV rays, an RV needs extra care in the same manner. If you know that the seats of your RV are made of leather, then you must know much and to what extent it may get affected when exposed to sun or relatively higher temperature than suggested for a prolonged period. To keep the seats cool you can apply specialized conditioner. This could help you keep your RV cool during hot sunny days.

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