If you are planning to buy an RV, one of the first things you will consider is how often it will be used. The answer to that question will vary based on a number of factors … Are you currently retired? If not, how much vacation time can you get from your current job? Do you live in a tropical, semi-tropical, or non-tropical climate, and how close is your location to the nearest campgrounds? 

The reality is, many RV owners only use their RVs for a few months per year. This is often during the summer months and on long holiday weekends. Not all RV owners are fans of campgrounds and many of these campgrounds are closed throughout the winter months. This is why RV storage is one of the next major considerations for RV owners after their purchase. 

First you will have to consider whether it is more feasible to store your RV inside or outside. The next step would be to determine the viability of storing the RV at home as opposed to utilizing a professional RV storage facility. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages associated with each option to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Indoor RV Storage

Indoor RV storage has two major advantages including protection and security. They may sound like the same thing, but they represent two different aspects in this context. 


This refers to the defense and shelter your RV will receive from the elements when stored in an indoor unit. The three major elements are precipitation, humidity, and temperature, and each type will not only affect how your RV looks over time, but also how it operates. The water, moisture, and the fluctuation of hot and cold air will affect your RV’s paint job as well as the efficacy of some internal and external parts, not to mention the possibility of mold and fungi. 


Security in this context refers to protection from theft, vandalism, and damages. When your RV is in an indoor storage unit, only yourself and employees of the facility will have access to it. Therefore, the chance of theft is slim. However, if it does occur, you have someone to hold responsible. You can also discuss various insurance and liability clauses with the facility to ensure you and your RV are protected. With all things considered, some would say that indoor storage can actually extend the life of your RV when compared to outdoor options.

Disadvantages of Indoor RV Storage

There really isn’t a disadvantage to indoor RV storage per se, but there are a few factors that will encourage some owners to shy away from this option.


Indoor RV storage is not as economical as outdoor storage. In fact, in some areas, indoor RV storage facilities are almost twice as expensive as outdoor storage facilities. For many people, this is reason enough to consider the opposing option. 

Availability and Distance 

Even when affordability is not much of an issue for some owners, locating an indoor storage facility can be a challenge. In some cities, indoor storage units for RVs are few and far between. This makes it a hassle for many people to get to the storage location and as such, some RV owners either decide not to use an indoor facility, or not use their RV’s as often as they would like. So then, what would be the point of having an RV in pristine condition, if you can’t find the time to access and utilize it?

Advantages of Outdoor RV Storage

There are two options for outdoor RV storage. You can choose to store it yourself (if possible) or pay for an outdoor storage facility. 

Home Storage

If you choose to store your RV at home, the good news is that it’s always close by and can easily facilitate an impromptu trip. You can also store ready-to-go snacks and toiletries in the RV making the packing-to-go process even easier. For this same reason, you will probably use it a lot more than you would if it was tucked away in an indoor storage facility, which would probably be miles away. Another major advantage of outdoor self-storage is an extra bedroom if family members drop by. It serves as an extra self-contained living area for short term stay.  

Storage Facility 

Outdoor storage is considerably more economical than indoor storage even if you choose to utilize an RV storage facility, as opposed to your own lawn or curb. There are also more outdoor storage facilities in most cities, which means that you are more likely to find one available and close to your home.

Disadvantages of Outdoor RV Storage

One of the main disadvantages of outdoor storage is of course, the elements. However, small critters and animal droppings can also be an issue. 

Cleaning and Upkeep 

If you choose to store your RV outside your home, you will need to invest time and money into washing, waxing, and other various upkeep to maintain its lustrous exterior. I would imagine that the hearty scrubbing of bird droppings and/or tree sap is not one of the activities you look forward to at the end of each week. Even if it’s being stored professionally, it will require the occasional cleaning, which you will either do yourself or pay to get done.

City or State Regulations 

You may not be allowed to park your RV at home based on regulations in some cities and states. This means that you may be forced to find a paid outdoor storage facility. 

Personal Inconveniences 

 In some areas city regulations may not be a factor, and parking the RV on your lawn may be the easiest choice, but that depends on how you feel about your lawn and whether you like it green or yellow. In addition, if it’s parked in your concrete driveway, your tires may degrade over time and need replacing when you are ready to go on your next trip, not to mention the maneuvering it may take to park your everyday vehicle. A paid outdoor storage facility will bypass city regulation, space, and lawn issues, but the elements will still be a factor on your RV’s paint job. 


Another disadvantage of outdoor storage is the possibility of theft or vandalism. This is true regardless of whether you are storing the RV at home or in a storage facility. Some facilities will provide a basic level of security with an active guard on duty, guard dogs, and /or electric fences, but it will generally not be as secure as an indoor facility.

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Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

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