A person looking for thrill and speed at the same time is likely to be an ATV lover. Because All-Terrain Vehicles can be steered over all kinds of challenging terrains – easily bouncing over dunes, boulders and rocks – making ATV riding one of the most addicting adventure sports. 

Riding an ATV over magnificent dunes and enchanting off-road destinations, flying at a thrilling pace around tricky curves is an exhilarating experience we’re always chasing.  ATV riders are always on the lookout for new dunes to tame and get a chance to enjoy the thrill of sand and speed in the beauty of nature from the safety and comfort of their ATV. 

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, with topography that ranges from mountains, forests, coastal plains, and swamps to deserts. Because of this variety in the landscape, any ATV rider can easily find a location of their choice and plan an off-roading vacation accordingly. To plan for that next adventure, here is a list of the seven best places for ATV off-roading in Texas!


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Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA)

Have you been to the Barnwell Mountains of East Texas? If not, then you must plan your next ATV off-roading trip here. This property is spread over 1800 acres of sheer joy for any ATV rider. The trails offered here range from the difficult ones for more advanced ATV riders to enjoy, to really simple trails that a new and inexperienced ATV rider can practice on. BMRA is one of the few destinations that offer a single trail of 25 miles for an ATV rider. It has all facilities in place for campers, including showers, RV parking and dump stations.

Visitors have an option of bringing their ATV or renting one. All the trails are visible and properly marked for riders to follow. BMRA has something for everyone, like their cabins and bunkhouses that are perfect for the campers in your crew who want to stay back and relax under the sun. All the cabins are well equipped, but you will have to bring your own cooking utensils and bathroom supplies.


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Hidden Falls Adventure Park

This is an outdoor park which is a perfect place for you to ride your Jeep, ATV, UTV and Dirt Bikes. This adventure sports destination is located 7 miles from the countryside. It has something to offer every adventure seeker, with a huge number of trails which are well marked to ensure your safety. A helpful map is given to all riders because there are so many trails – so many, in fact, that it’s difficult to cover all the trails in your first visit. 

You can rent your ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike or get your Jeep to explore the trails. The facilities provided are also clean and hygienic for riders. Hidden Falls Adventure Park has a small eatery, restrooms, pavilions and a local grocery store, plus bunkers and rooms for a comfortable overnight stay. They provide guidance in selecting trails to fit the cost structure for the adventure that you would like to experience. You’ll want to hang on to your map, because you will definitely want to come back and ride again and again!


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Off-Road Adventures at Red Sands

If you are an ATV rider, do not forget to include this Off-Road adventure park in El Paso! Its proximity to the airport (24 minutes) makes it’s a convenient place for you to try out your rider skills and have a lot of fun as you explore the thrilling tracks and trails. The adventure park rents out ATVs at pocket-friendly rates, which makes it convenient for any adventure seeker to fulfil their hunger for a thrill. This place is sure to provide many fun times and lasting memories.


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Brushy Creek Motor Farm

This adventure park located at Royse City in Texas has a family-oriented setting where any off-road adventurer can take their family and enjoy the trails. Their property is spread over 100 acres of land giving you an array of trails that you can choose from, according to your preference. All kinds of riders of ATVs, motorcycles, Jeeps, Go-Karts etc. are welcome to try this family-friendly setup. They have trails which are kid friendly so your little ones can also have a blast in the dirt.


texas mud

River Run ATV Park

This adventure park located in Jacksonville, Texas, is spread over 2000 acres of pure thrill. It is on the banks of the Neches River, which also doubles up a spot for riders to cool down after a long day of riding in sand and dirt. There is a variety of trails that an ATV riders can opt for: an extremely muddy trail, an extremely dry trail and a scenic trail which is made around the Neches River.

River Run ATV Park provides overnight accommodation with modern rooms and facilities for a comfortable stay. There’s also a restaurant for great food, a local store that provides spare parts for your ATV rides, and a grocery store with all the essentials. All these add-ons make this destination a must-visit attraction for ATV off-roading.


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Sabine ATV Park

This adventure park in Burkeville, Texas, is located on the River Sabine. This adventure park is spread over 3000 acres of muddy trails which are suited for all categories of adventure seekers. A family-friendly place where you can spend a day in the muddy water trails and can plan an overnight stay with your fellow riders. All the facilities are clean and well-equipped and the online reviews tout it as a must-visit place for an ATV rider.


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Gator Run Off-Road Park

Gator Run Off-Road Park is the biggest of its kind in Texas. Spread over 5200 acres of land, it boasts a huge variety of ATV trails with something for riders of any skill level. These trails include extremely deep mud pits, dunes and dry trails. This adventure park should be on every Texas ATV rider’s list, especially if you plan to bring your RV. Gator Run also offers traditional camping facilities along with restroom and shower rooms.


The seven ATV off-road adventure parks mentioned above are must-visit destinations for all ATV riders, where they can quench their thirst for off-road adventures. The adventure parks all have reasonable entry and riding costs, and provide ATV’s to rent. Which of these ATV off-roading destinations will you visit first?


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